Florentine Art Walks

Here at The American University of Florence (AUF), we offer an innovative style of teaching and learning, where the students step outside the classroom and step into the history of Florence they are learning about during class.

Gardens of Culture: Italo Calvino's Memos for the New Millennium.

Florence University of The Arts-The American University of Florence and SUNY Stony Brook are pleased to announce their 12th annual academic conference.

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What's Burning podcast: Reimagining Culinary Education

Dr. Gabriella Ganugi speaks to the Galilee Culinary Institute about reimagining Culinary Education Through Hands-On, Experiential Learning

The Pomario

The Pomario Botanical Retail store is AUF’s most recent CEMI initiative. Pomario is operated by students and faculty members.

Gap Year in Florence

AUF Gap Year Programs go beyond the concept of “spending a year abroad” by offering options that are both focused and flexible for diverse participants.


Almost Nothing: Faculty Exhibit

Nicoletta Salomon is a writer, painter, and faculty member of writing and fine arts at AUF.

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WWAC: Walks Without a Classroom

Learning takes place in many shapes and forms.

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