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Please select a year, a season and session to visualize class scheduling, which includes class codes according to institutions and departments, days and times, section, and classroom. You can select your courses for a sneak-peak of your schedule and start your enrolment process as an independent student or just ask for more informations.
Exact dates corresponding to sessions can be viewed in our academic calendar. 

latest news

Not a Goodbye, a See You Later

Grace Tvetene fell in love with Florence and found herself back in Italy for her post-grad pursuit of higher education.

Alumni Spotlight

Originally from New York, RT began his undergraduate studies in Photography in the U.S. His educational journey eventually led to AUF.

No Act of Betrayal: A Book Presentation

Author Rossella Levi and translator Johanna Bishop alternated reading passages, in both Italian and English, from Rossella's book, No Act of Betrayal.



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