Fast Facts

The Institution

Founded: 1997

Status: Non-profit, free-standing, private, and non-denominational institution.

President: Gabriella Ganugi

Campuses: 6 locations in the Florence city center

Governance: Board of Governance, Executive Committee, Faculty Senate, Admissions

Committee, External Advisory Board. Further details can be viewed in the Institutional Governance page.


Programs of Study

Degrees offered: Undergraduate AA and BA programs, graduate MA programs.

Schools: 9

Average classroom size: 12


Instructional staff

Full-time faculty: 9

Part-time faculty: Pool of 100+ for teaching assignments that may vary within an AY.

Doctoral degrees held: 13 + 3 candidates

Terminal degrees: 70


Student Body

Average number of students per academic year: 270

Countries represented: 35-45 yearly


Student Life

Advising services: Degree track advising, general academic advising, student life advising, and mental health counseling available for enrolled students.

Housing: Apartment housing in the city center or family stays

Extracurricular activities offered per week: 5-7 


Beyond Completion of Studies

Resources available: AUF Alumni Association