BA/BLPS Dual Degree Programs

BA/BLPS dual degree programs at AUF are four-year undergraduate pathways that offer a dual degree option to earn both a BA and a Fairfield UniversityBLPS (Bachelor’s in Liberal and Professional Studies) degree. In addition to program residency in Florence, candidates also can choose from a variety of residency formats:

  • Fully remote: all coursework is taking on a remote-learning basis.
  • Hybrid: coursework is taken as a combination of remote delivery and on-campus instruction.
  • Low residency: coursework mostly takes place on a remote basis with some residential on-campus sessions.
  • On campus: coursework taken in Florence with the exception of 18 credits taken on a remote basis.

The following program options are offered:

Degrees Awarded (corresponding AUF and Fairfield degrees)

Bachelor's Degrees offer four areas of study that consist of at least 120 credits hours.

Please see below for BA concentration areas per degree.

AUF BA DegreeFairfield BLPS Degree
Cultural Studies, concentration in Art HistoryArt History
Cultural Studies, concentration in Fine ArtsFine Arts
Digital Publishing and Communication, concentration in Digital MediaDigital Media
Digital Publishing and Communication, concentration in PublishingE-Publishing
Digital Publishing and Communication, concentration in Visual CommunicationVisual Communication
Food and Wine Studies, concentration in Culinary ArtsCulinary
Food and Wine Studies, concentration in EnologyEnology
Hospitality ManagementHospitality Management

Full curriculum requirements can be found at the program page.

Please note: The AUF BA degree in Cultural Studies is approved for VA benefits (WEAMS search “Florence University of the Arts”).


  • High school completion
  • 2.5 GPA
  • English language proficiency: 6.5 IELTS or 71 TOEFL IBT. Students who score 6.0 IELTS or 61-71 TOEFL IBT may be admitted to the programs but are required to take LACWRS070 Research and Academic Skills and LACWWR101 Fundamentals of Writing. Students enrolling into the BLPS after having already successfully completed 30 credits of AUF coursework in English will require no additional proof of English language proficiency.

Additional materials required for review:

  • Official transcripts: A complete certified/official high school transcript and diploma completed (a certified English translation is required along with course descriptions and syllabi for faculty evaluation). For transfer credit requests related to previous higher education coursework, foreign language transcripts as well as course descriptions and syllabi must be submitted with translations that are certified / authenticated. The Admissions Office reviews the transfer requests with the Academic Affairs Office and pertinent faculty members.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter of recommendation must accompany the application. They must be addressed to AUF Admissions Office and sent electronically directly by the reviewer. Letters submitted by the student are not acceptable. The contents of the letter should address the student's academic ability, potential and what he/she will gain from studying at AUF and in Florence.
  • Personal Statements: Applicants must include a personal statement. This letter should help us learn more about the applicant and his/her qualities beyond test scores, grades, and work history.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Applicants can elect to send a Resume/Curriculum Vitae along with their application. This document should reflect the applicant's work and research history.
  • Each qualified applicant will be interviewed by an Admissions officer of AUF or their nominee in person, by telephone, or other communication means. The main purpose of the interview is to select motivated applicants with the ability to benefit from a solid commitment to AUF’s program. AUF actively encourages applications from students of all ages, gender, ethnic, and/or social background, and from students with disabilities.


Art History
Fine Arts

Wellness, Health, and Nutrition

Digital Media
Product Design
Visual Communication

Real Estate Management
Special Event Management
Wellness Management

Accessory Design and Technology
Fashion Communication, Promotion, and Media

Fashion Design and Technology
Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, and Retail


Degree Requirements

In order to complete the dual BA/BLPS bachelor's degree program, students complete coursework for general education and degree-specific requirements. For specific course requirements, please consult the detailed brochures that may be downloaded from the above Program Options section (coming soon). All students must fulfill:

  • Undergraduate Core Curriculum - subdivided into 5 Areas representing Math/Natural Science, History/Social Science, Philosophy/Religious Studies, English/Visual & Performing Arts, Humanities Electives (60 credits)
  • Major courses, subdivided into two General Areas (see specific program for credit requirements)
  • Senior Research Project (3 credits)
  • Diversity courses (6 credits, counted in Core Curriculum)
  • Free electives (see specific program for credit requirements)

All programs require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation, please note that some programs require a higher number of overall credits for graduation as per credit and course requirements.

Program Requirements

Please note that for the fulfillment of the additional Fairfield BLPS degree, six of the courses (18 credits) in AUF BA curriculum must be taken through the Fairfield online course offering. The online courses are distributed throughout the 4-year program.

Exchange Opportunity

An optional exchange opportunity is available for students wishing to integrate a US campus experience to their overall undergraduate experience. Upon admittance to the BLPS degree, students may subsequently apply for the exchange program that allows for 1 or 2 semesters of study (maximum 1 academic year) at the Fairfield campus in Connecticut, USA. Students must take a minimum of 15 credits per semester and choose coursework from the Fairfield Undergraduate Core Curriculum column of requirements.


University-level students may apply to transfer into the bachelor's degree programs. AUF certificate career program  / AA students may automatically transfer their studies for approved programs.


Please contact for questions and details regarding the above programs.


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