Graduate Programs

Master’s Degrees (MA)

The American University of Florence offers 1-year Master of Arts degrees in five areas of study that consist of at least 30 credits hours spanning common core requirements, concentration courses, electives, and a capstone projeoct. Degree candidates have the opportunity to interact with international faculty members and apply coursework to direct, community-focused practices through AUF’s unique educational model based on cultural integration, community engagement, and experiential learning.

Program Requirements
Common Core:

Candidates must successfully complete 6 credit hours with a focus on research methods and leadership

Concentration Courses:

9 required credits of focused concentration coursework


12 credits of which 6 credits are program requirements and 6 are chosen from other graduate-level disciplines

Capstone Project:3 credits for the final capstone project required for graduation

Please see the Academic Catalog for detailed curriculum objectives and requirements.

Degrees Offered

Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Studies
Master of Arts in International Education
Master of Arts in Organizational Management in International Hospitality
Master of Arts in Visual Media
Master of Arts in Fashion Retail, Merchandising, and Media

MA Student Engagement

  • Field-specific curriculum supported by interdisciplinary coursework.
  • Program mission of acquiring perspectives, skills, and leaning through critical frameworks and specialized forms of knowledge.
  • Professionalizing approach to graduate-level academic involvement that blends theory and practice.
  • Application of leadership roles and skills in the university’s community-facing engagement model.
  • Capstone thesis structured to exemplify a high-level academic and professional synthesis of the MA experience.
  • Dedicated academic advising systems that exclusively support graduate students.
  • Pre-arrival option for academic familiarization.