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General Loan Policies

Borrowing privileges at AUF are subject to internal regulations. All users of this service are required to adhere to these established regulations to ensure the proper and respectful shared use of resources.

1 Who can request to borrow a book?
All faculty members and students enrolled at AUF can benefit from this library service. Users can borrow up to three items at the same time. Each item can be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days from the checkout date, and the loan period is not extendable.

2 How can one lose the right to use the service?
If a user violates the following regulations and policies, they will temporarily lose their right to borrow library resources.

  • Late return of a borrowed book. The first overdue notice is sent one day after the due date; the second notice is sent
    seven days after the due date. The fine for failing to return an overdue item is 2 €/day.
  • Damage to a borrowed book. If an item is returned with damage, the fine depends on the item's condition. If the
    damage makes the item unusable, it has to be replaced; the item price will be evaluated depending on its status.
  • Loss of a borrowed book. After 21 days of an item being overdue, it is assumed lost, and the user will be responsible
    for covering the costs of the item's replacement. If the fee is not paid by the conclusion of the academic term the
    student's MyAUF account access will be suspended. If the individual has completed their academic program, then their
    transcripts will be held until the fee for the lost item is paid. The library will perform a check on the status of loans a
    week prior to the end of the semester. Students who have not paid the fee will be informed by the library that they
    must regularize their position by the end of the semester in order to not lose access to their MyAUF profile and to have
    their transcript released, if this is their last semester. The library informs Registrar regarding the release or blocking of

3 How to request to borrow a book
Students and faculty members can request to borrow a book directly to the librarians. The steps include:

  1. Check the status of your loans through MyLibrary, ensuring that they are in compliance with current policies
  2. Check the availability of the item on the online library catalog
  3. To reserve a book using the feature on MyLibrary
  4. Request the item to the librarians mentioning the call number

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