Bachelor's Degrees (BA)

Bachelor's Degrees offer four areas of study that consist of at least 120 credits hours. Please see below for BA concentration areas per degree.

AUF BA Degree


Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies

Art History
Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Publishing and Communication Digital Media
Product Design
Visual Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Food and Wine Studies Culinary
Wellness, Health, and Nutrition
Hospitality Management Hospitality
Real Estate Management
Special Event Management
Wellness Management
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media Accessory Design and Technology Fashion
Communication, Promotion, and Media
Fashion Design and Technology
Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, and Retail


A dual degree option that also grants a US bachelor's degree is available, in partnership with Fairfield University (CT, USA). See program page for details.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Gen Ed Requirements: Students must successfully complete at least 48 credit hours in approved General Education courses. Courses must be taken in areas outside of the student major area to satisfy the General Education requirement of AUF and consistent with General Education component distribution as detailed below:

  • English Composition (6 credit hours)
  • Mathematics (6 credit hours)
  • Physical & Biological Sciences (6 credit hours)
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours)
  • Diversity & Intercultural Studies (6 credit hours)
  • Italian Language (6 credit hours)
  • Humanities (12 credit hours) 

Core Requirements

7-10 core courses related to the specific area of study. 

Capstone Project

3 credits

Concentration Coursework

24-30 credits completed in selected concentration area.

General Electives

Sufficient to reach a minimum of 120 credits (some programs require a higher credit load, please visit program page).


Please note: AUF requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00, with no more than one grade lower than C- in core courses.

For detailed information regarding each bachelor's degree program, objectives, and outcomes, please refer to the Academic Catalog.

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