Celebrating 125 Years of FIAT

The Blending Magazine Spring 2024 Edition is here!

Blending Magazine’s Spring 2024 edition is now online! This issue celebrates Italian culture with an exploration of 125 Years of FIAT. The automobile manufacturing mogul brand, FIAT, represents a fascinating journey through the history of Italian innovation. The magazine demonstrates how the company is tied in numerous ways, not only to the culture and history of Italy but also to the world. With sections on art, fashion, food and wine, literature, and travel, there is something for everyone. From sustainable innovation and manga to historical fiction narratives, these students delve into the influence of FIAT through a new and exciting lens.


One such exciting story, by Jennifer Bortner, is a historical fiction narrative titled “The Other Half of the Factory.” Before you begin, close your eyes and picture yourself in the late 1970s. In the industrial district of Turin, Italy, Andrea was among the first women to work in a FIAT factory. Although, at the time, Turin was becoming a hub for the women’s movement, Andrea was oblivious to such issues until she began working. As she entered the factory, she again pushed through the sea of men to get to her station. While she was one of only a few female workers at the factory, she relished the feeling of independence it gave her. She knew the choice to work was something women like her mother never had. She knew her story was one she had to share.


This narrative provides a beautiful look into the life of Italians in late 1970s Italy. Economic and political tensions worldwide provided a more desperate need to put food on the table. Industrial innovation with companies like FIAT provided factory jobs for men nationwide. These events even caused women to be allowed, albeit reluctantly, to work. This story highlights the significance of FIAT in all aspects of Italian and global culture. The company provided jobs for men and women and aided the women’s movement in doing so. The company also took part in the industrial revolution of Italy, manufacturing vehicles that encompass the country’s style and spirit. This is what is celebrated in this season’s Blending Magazine issue.

New Course Announcement, Coming Spring 2025

AUF is pleased to announce a new course offering for the Spring 2025 semester: Gardens of Culture – Climate, Cities, and Wellness.

Renajazz: People, Art, and Music

To celebrate the end of the spring semester, AUF students, staff and faculty members gathered in the picturesque institution’s garden of Palazzi Community Center and took part in a multi-disciplinary event.

Laurel Wreaths at The American University of Florence

Blessed by the sun shining over the Palazzi Community Center’s garden, AUF students celebrated their graduation surrounded by family members, dear friends, and faculty.