New Scholarship Opportunities for Fall 2023

Master’s degree in Florence - Italy

AUF - The American University of Florence is,  excited to announce a remarkable opportunity for aspiring students looking to pursue a Master's degree this fall. The institution is offering an exclusive scholarship program that encompasses various aspects of student life, providing a comprehensive support system to help them thrive academically and personally. With a focus on affordability and holistic development, the AUF scholarship covers not only tuition costs but also housing, and additional study-related necessities.

A unique aspect of the AUF scholarship is the opportunity for recipients to be part of the Resident Assistants program. This initiative enables scholarship holders to actively engage with and support freshmen students throughout their time at the university. As Resident Assistants, individuals will serve as mentors, offering guidance and assistance in navigating university life and the city of Florence. This role not only provides valuable leadership experience but also fosters a sense of community and belonging among students.If you are intrigued by the prospect of being a part of the American University of Florence's scholarship program, applying is a straightforward process. Visit the AUF website to access the application portal and learn more about the eligibility criteria.

New Course Announcement, Coming Spring 2025

AUF is pleased to announce a new course offering for the Spring 2025 semester: Gardens of Culture – Climate, Cities, and Wellness.

Renajazz: People, Art, and Music

To celebrate the end of the spring semester, AUF students, staff and faculty members gathered in the picturesque institution’s garden of Palazzi Community Center and took part in a multi-disciplinary event.

Laurel Wreaths at The American University of Florence

Blessed by the sun shining over the Palazzi Community Center’s garden, AUF students celebrated their graduation surrounded by family members, dear friends, and faculty.