Humans and Nature Connected Through Brush Strokes 


Written by Isla Herring, for Special Project: Experiential Learning in Journalism

Photo courtesy of Robert Thompson, AUF Degree Student

La carne delle piante, created by Florentine artist, Aurora Bresci will remain on display in Via Ricasoli 21, until the 2nd of May. The opening night consisted of amazed people observing the powerful displays on the wall. Florence University of the Arts - The American University of Florence students, along with locals, walked through the hallway as they absorbed the beauty created by Bresci. 

This exhibition invited its viewers to associate with the natural world through her art. The entire display conveyed a message of the interconnectivity of humans and the earth. The artist illustrated this in multiple ways, one being the inclusion of various paintings of different shapes and sizes throughout the exhibit.  These works were made with oil paints on canvases and paper, each one filled with an array of bright colors and textures. These paintings included human figures with differing expressions and movements accompanied by elements of nature.

Bresci uses floral imagery and other leafy plants in her work, as well as a range of wooden sculptures hanging from the ceiling or placed on the floor. These wooden pieces were found by the artist from the beaches of Livorno and constructed into art. The exhibit was also accompanied by various potted plants to further connect to her work's theme. 

Photo courtesy of Robert Thompson, AUF Degree Student

Aurora Bresci is a 35-year-old Florentine artist that currently lives and works in Livorno and portrays concepts of humans and their relationship with nature. “I am an artist who works with various mediums and who searches through their use to describe issues related to the environmental emergency and humanitarian crisis.” 

Bresci’s favorite technique for her art is oil painting, which she mastered through her academic studies. She says that she prefers oil painting because of its texture and rich color. She has become most comfortable with this medium, due to the frequency that she uses it. Recently, the artist has continued to expand her abilities and include other mediums, such as the painted wood sculptures from materials she has collected from nature. She has wanted to experiment with more 3D work and these wooden creations have been the first step in that direction. 

Photo courtesy of Robert Thompson, AUF Degree Student

Since moving to the coastal city of Livorno, she has felt a stronger connection to the earth and the ocean specifically. She began to collect pieces of wood from the sea in Livorno and turn them into sculptures. She describes this process as a “jigsaw puzzle” in which she experiments with shapes and methods to attach pieces of wood to then be painted and displayed. She deconstructs some logs and finds ways to fit them into others, creating an image that she envisioned.

Aurora Bresci has been drawn to nature as inspiration for artwork throughout her life. She finds beauty in the natural world and feels that human beings have emotional ties to the earth. She has also become increasingly aware of the danger that the planet is in, and she wants to draw attention to these issues through her art. “I want humans to become closer with nature, and I don’t want people to be blinded from the issues occurring on our planet,” she expressed. 

The exhibit is only on display for one more week and is extremely worthy of viewing. The art is powerful and Bresci displays a beautiful message with her techniques. "I hope that people will be able to feel my emotions through my art. I want them too, to be inspired by nature and aim protect its beauty.”

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