IDEAS | Interior Design, Environmental Architecture, and Sustainability

Architecture, interior design, product design, and sustainability.

The School of Interior Design, Environmental Architecture, and Sustainability (IDEAS) hosts academic disciplines related to architecture, interior design, product design, and sustainable approaches to both fields. As the birthplace of architectural innovation and the concept of perspective, Florence provides infinite possibilities for learning about and contributing to the ongoing dialog on design, spaces, and structures.

Faculty Highlights

IDEAS faculty represent a dedicated and experienced international body of instructors and professionals offering stimulating academic experiences inside and outside the classroom. Faculty members represent careers in architecture, interior design, lighting design, and product design, providing a space of guidance where research and creativity can flourish.

Facilities and Technology

IDEAS facilities include state of the art classrooms and media labs equipped with the latest iterations of hardware and software that support academic coursework. Labs also include specialized software as utilized by the design requirements of some courses and programs.

Academic Programs
IDEASprograms of study and curricula may be viewed in the Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

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IDEAS in the Community - CEMI

Community Engagement Member Institutions

The school features a community project opens its doors to the city: CORRIDOIO FIORENTINO is the photography and design gallery operated in collaboration with the DIVA division and features the works of international photographers, architects, and designers as well as the works of students and faculty.

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