School of Graduate Studies

Graduate programs in hospitality, fashion, int’l ed, visual media, and health and wellness studies.

The School of Graduate Studies offers unique opportunities for students to engage in an academic environment while applying leadership skills in diverse disciplines.

Candidates embarking on graduate study pathways expand previous undergraduate knowledge through in-depth and specialized approaches to training and instruction. At the graduate level, the perspectives, skills, and learning gained are addressed through further contextualization, multiple critical frameworks, and specialized forms of knowledge and experience. Graduate education at AUF emphasizes the mastery of a professional field through learning, research, and practice in order for the program candidate to demonstrate a complex and advanced preparation for not only entering but actively contributing to and leading in the intended field.

Faculty Highlights and Support

Graduate program faculty represent scholarship and professional backgrounds of expertise from the fields represented by the approved curriculum. Faculty are deeply engaged at all moments of the graduate program including the capstone thesis development and delivery phases, while academic advisors exclusively dedicated to graduate students ensure a successful progression throughout.

Facilities and Technology

Graduate program facilities benefit from the campus network of buildings within central Florence. For specific locations, please visit the academic divisions representing the disciplines of focus for the graduate curricula.

Academic Programs
Graduate programs of study and curricula may be viewed in the Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

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Graduate students in the Community - CEMI

Community Engagement Member Institutions

According to the program of study, graduate students regularly interact with the CEMI pertaining to the related discipline. Graduate students take on leadership and supervisory roles in CEMI engagement, contributing to faculty oversight and guiding the undergraduate student experience in the collective effort of community-building in Florence.

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