sQuola | Center for Italian studies

Italian language, culture, and literature.

sQuola is the Center for Italian studies offering disciplines related to Italian language, culture, and literature. The division benefits from Florence’s position as the birthplace of the Italian language and ongoing contributions to contemporary culture and linguistics at the national level. Studies at sQuola aim to immerse students within a framework of lived language and culture as a means to connect and contribute to the local community.

Faculty Highlights

The School of Italian Studies and Linguistics faculty come from distinguished academic and professional backgrounds. Writers, linguists, translators, and researchers are some of the diverse profiles represented by sQuola faculty members. In addition to meeting hiring standards for academic backgrounds, all language instructors possess the DITALS certification for teaching the Italian language. Faculty members provide individual attention and support with innovative, high-quality methods responsive to the students' educational needs and interests.

Facilities and Technology

sQuola facilities include state of the art classrooms and extend to the city of Florence as a direct field of interactive knowledge-building. Coursework at sQuola includes collaboration with local sites and institutions for direct practice and application.

Academic Programs
SAS programs of study and curricula may be viewed in the Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

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sQuola in the Community - CEMI

Community Engagement Member Institutions

The Center for Cultural and Italian Studies (CCIS) brings together a rich program of cultural events and activities throughout the year. It also facilities student involvement in diverse areas of cultural integration. CCIS regularly collaborates with public schools, centers for the elderly, civic associations, environmental organizations, and other NGOs present in Italy.


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