J SCHOOL | School of Journalism, Communication, and Publishing

Media and broadcasting, advertising, mass communication, journalism, and publishing.

DIVA offers studies in digital photography, rich multimedia, video-making, graphic design, and interior design. Its vision seeks to train students to forge a new light and perspective on how digital and visual arts reveal our surroundings. DIVA is a lens to the city and local territory through which students combine personal learning with the latest technologies.

Faculty Highlights

J School faculty members are a dedicated group of academics and professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Writers, poets, journalists, publicists, researchers, graphic designers, and publishers regularly hold courses in each academic session. Journalists and publicists are pooled from those recognized by Italy's national registers of journalism and publicity. Several faculty members have worked on or are currently conducting projects with prominent entities, publications, and organizations.

Facilities and Technology

J SCHOOL facilities include state of the art classrooms that are further supported by the cross-discipline interaction DIVA and IDEAS facilities and media labs

Academic Programs
J SCHOOL programs of study and curricula may be viewed in the Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

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J SCHOOL in the Community - CEMI

Community Engagement Member Institutions

The school's community project is Ingorda, the campus press for publishing books and periodicals spanning topics such as research, arts, culture, and lifestyle. The semesterly magazine, Blending, is a product of journalism officially recognized and registered in Italy. Ingorda also supports the creation of the summarizing proceedings of academic conferences hosted at the institution.


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