SAS | School of Arts and Sciences

Humanities, fine arts, global, social and STEM sciences, and professional studies.

SAS, the School of Arts and Sciences offers studies spanning the spectrum of humanistic, artistic, global, social, and scientific studies. The school examines the historic and world-changing achievements in the aforementioned areas along with contemporary innovations and challenges in order to cultivate knowledge and culture. 

Faculty Highlights

The highly qualified faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences come from diverse international, academic, and professional backgrounds. Professional figures ranging from scholarly researchers to artists, authors, journalists, clinical practitioners, global communicators, and advocates offer their compelling expertise and experiences with the student body. Faculty members are engaged in developing and fine-tuning academic studies as well as guiding them in their cross-cultural connection to their studies in Italy and offering professional insight on how to apply acquired knowledge to future life paths.

Facilities and Technology

SAS facilities include state of the art classrooms, laboratories for the fine arts and sciences, as well as Florence’s largest darkroom for the film photography studies. The city of Florence provides a rich environment for diverse course topics whose delivery is intentionally planned in direct interaction with the cityscape. STEM courses also collaborate with the Italian public university for lab facilities as well as public health institutions for health sciences.

Academic Programs
SAS programs of study and curricula may be viewed in the Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

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SAS in the Community - CEMI

Community Engagement Member Institutions

The school’s community project is F_AIR Florence Artist in Residence, which oversees artistic residencies and the ongoing involvement of students in contemporary art. A revolving calendar of exhibitions feature both professional artists living in Italy and student work produced by the School of Fine Arts.

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